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XXL Aircraft Register 1 ABAA-24 AMATEUR BUILT AIRCRAFT Australia BUDERIM Full Registration Gasoline HARTZELL PROPELLERS HC-C2YL-1BF/F7663A4 IO-320-B1A MUS2 MUSTANG II Piston Power Driven Aeroplane TEXTRON LYCOMING Qld
WVL Aircraft Register 2 A1EA Australia Full Registration Gasoline HARTZELL PROPELLERS HC-E2YL-2BSF IO-320-B1A PA-30 PA30 PIPER AIRCRAFT CORP Piston Power Driven Aeroplane SHEPPARTON TEXTRON LYCOMING United States of America Vic
VGS Aircraft Register 1 74DM - 58 AMATEUR BUILT AIRCRAFT Australia Full Registration Gasoline IO-320-B1A KALAMUNDA LYCOMING  Piston PITTS SPECIAL S-1C-MOD Power Driven Aeroplane PTS1 SENSENICH PROPELLERS United States of America WA
TIR Aircraft Register 1 AMATEUR BUILT AIRCRAFT Australia CLEANWELD PRODUCTS NZ LIMITED Full Registration Gasoline IAN HENRY 68/71 IO-320-B1A LYCOMING  New Zealand Piston Power Driven Aeroplane T18 THORP T-18 CW UMINA BEACH NSW
OOK Aircraft Register 1 ABAA-92 AMATEUR BUILT AIRCRAFT Australia Full Registration Gasoline HARTZELL PROPELLERS HC-C2YL-1BF/F7663A4 IO-320-B1A MOUNT LOFTY NORTH WARD Piston Power Driven Aeroplane RV6 TEXTRON LYCOMING VAN'S RV-6 Qld
NEG Aircraft Register 2 A1EA Australia BRIGHTON Full Registration Gasoline HARTZELL PROPELLERS HC-E2YL-2BSF IO-320-B1A PA-30 PA30 PIPER AIRCRAFT CORP Piston Power Driven Aeroplane TEXTRON LYCOMING United States of America Vic
NEE Aircraft Register 2 A1EA Australia Full Registration Gasoline HARTZELL PROPELLERS HC-E2YL-2BSF IO-320-B1A LYCOMING  PA-30 PA30 PARAP PIPER AIRCRAFT CORP Piston Power Driven Aeroplane United States of America NT
MTT Aircraft Register 1 AIRMASTER PROPELLERS LTD AMATEUR BUILT AIRCRAFT AP533-CTSL Australia CARDIGAN Full Registration Gasoline GLAS GLASAIR SH-2R IO-320-B1A LYCOMING  Piston Power Driven Aeroplane Vic
MEI Aircraft Register 1 ABAA-24 AMATEUR BUILT AIRCRAFT Australia Full Registration Gasoline HARTZELL PROPELLERS HC-E2YL-1B IO-320-B1A MUS2 MUSTANG II Piston Power Driven Aeroplane TEXTRON LYCOMING VAUCLUSE NSW
LZD Aircraft Register 1 AMATEUR BUILT AIRCRAFT Australia BEERWAH F8L FALCO F8L Full Registration Gasoline HARTZELL PROPELLERS HC-C2YL-1BF IO-320-B1A Piston Power Driven Aeroplane TEXTRON LYCOMING United States of America Qld
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