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SOU Aircraft Register 2 690A AC90 Australia Full Registration GARRETT TURBINE ENGINE CO HARTZELL PROPELLERS HC-B3TN-5FL Kerosene MOORABBIN AIRPORT Power Driven Aeroplane ROCKWELL INTERNATIONAL TPE331-10T-512K Turboprop United States of America Vic
OTK Aircraft Register 2 A3EU AIRCRAFT NOT FITTED WITH PROPELLER Australia CAMMERAY Full Registration GANGSEO-GU GARRETT TURBINE ENGINE CO H25B HAWKER 800XP Kerosene NOT APPLICABLE Power Driven Aeroplane RAYTHEON AIRCRAFT COMPANY Republic of Korea SEOUL TFE731-5BR-1H Turbofan United States of America NSW
ZOE Aircraft Register 1 Australia AYRES CORPORATION DALBY Full Registration GARRETT TURBINE ENGINE CO HARTZELL PROPELLERS HC-B4TN-5NL Kerosene Power Driven Aeroplane S2R-T34 SS2T TPE331-10 Turboprop United States of America Qld
ZGX Aircraft Register 2 A5SW Australia CANNING VALE DOWTY-ROTOL LIMITED FAIRCHILD INDUSTRIES INC Full Registration GARRETT TURBINE ENGINE CO Kerosene Power Driven Aeroplane R324/4-82-F/9 SA227-TT SW3 TPE331-10U Turboprop United States of America WA
YJG Aircraft Register 2 2A4 690A AC90 Australia ESSENDON FIELDS Full Registration GARRETT TURBINE ENGINE CO HARTZELL PROPELLERS HC-B3TN-5FL Kerosene Power Driven Aeroplane ROCKWELL INTERNATIONAL TPE331-10T-516K Turboprop United States of America Vic
YHV Aircraft Register 2 3GFR34C601 441 A28CE Australia C441 CESSNA AIRCRAFT COMPANY Full Registration GARRETT TURBINE ENGINE CO Kerosene MCCAULEY PROPELLERS Power Driven Aeroplane THORNLIE TPE331-10N-512S Turboprop United States of America WA
YFD Aircraft Register 2 441 4HFR34C661 A28CE Australia C441 CESSNA AIRCRAFT COMPANY Full Registration GARRETT TURBINE ENGINE CO Kerosene MCCAULEY PROPELLERS MOORABBIN AIRPORT Power Driven Aeroplane TPE331-8 Turboprop United States of America Vic
XMJ Aircraft Register 2 441 A28CE ADELAIDE AIRPORT Australia C441 CESSNA AIRCRAFT COMPANY Export Park Full Registration GARRETT TURBINE ENGINE CO HARTZELL PROPELLERS HC-B3TN-5 Kerosene Power Driven Aeroplane TPE331-10 Turboprop United States of America SA
XMG Aircraft Register 2 441 A28CE Australia C441 CESSNA AIRCRAFT COMPANY Full Registration GARRETT TURBINE ENGINE CO HARTZELL PROPELLERS HC-B3TN-5 JANDAKOT Kerosene Power Driven Aeroplane TPE331-8 Turboprop United States of America WA
XMD Aircraft Register 2 441 A28CE Australia C441 CASUARINA CESSNA AIRCRAFT COMPANY Full Registration GARRETT TURBINE ENGINE CO HARTZELL PROPELLERS HC-E4N-5A Kerosene Power Driven Aeroplane TPE331-10N Turboprop United States of America NT
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