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Flight instructor safety workshop

Awareness through education

The airborne instructional environment is a dynamic and challenging one. Our flying instructors play a critical role in flight safety in Australia both during the initial training of pilots and ongoing flight reviews. Safety practices and attitudes require regular review and reinforcement if they are to be effective, so CASA is holding a new series of workshops aimed specifically at those pilots whom hold an instructor rating. In doing so, we hope to foster the best safety practices in our instructors and, by extension, the members of the aviation community that they interact with. The workshops will include lectures, case studies, discussion topics and group exercises. Some of the topics covered will include the following:

  • Maintaining good situational awareness in the training environment
  • Anticipating student actions
  • Understanding Part 61 requirements such as The General Competency Rule
  • Use of GPS and EFB in the instructional environment
  • On-line resources available for the instructor and student
  • The importance of flight reviews and how we can maximise their benefit.

Your Aviation Safety Advisors will be delivering the workshops and will also be available after the event to address any general questions that you may have.

If you hold an Instructor rating, please join us for the workshop in your area.


There are currently no events scheduled.