Easy to understand rules - latest version out now


We’ve just released a new version of the plain English guide for the general operating and flight rules.

The cover of the Part 91 Plain English Guide

Now it’s even easier to understand – and find – the rules.

The guide sets out the regulatory requirements of the Part 91 Civil Aviation Safety Regulations and the associated Manual of Standards in a concise, practical format.

Improvements include:

  • an index
  • a numerical list of the regulations and where they appear in the guide – great for students taking exams
  • more hyperlinks
  • clearer information about danger areas and restricted airspace
  • new appendices on night vision imaging systems, air displays and observers on certain air transport flights.

Download for free or order a printed copy online.

But there’s more – a new VFRG

We’ve also updated our popular visual flight rules guide (VFRG). Get help preparing, planning and flying safely under the visual flight rules.

Online version available at: https://www.casa.gov.au//easy-understand-rules-latest-version-out-now
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