Drone registration and operator accreditation are now open

Date published: 30 September 2020


Drone registration and operator accreditation are now open for drones or remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) flown for business or as part of your job – no matter how much it weighs.

Drone flying against white clouds in a blue sky.

Registration is free and valid for 12 months.

Some drones don’t need to be registered. This applies if:

  • you don’t intend to fly your drone
  • you’re only flying for sport or recreation, including model aircraft flown at CASA-approved model airfields.

Operator accreditation is free and valid for three years.

You do not need an operator accreditation if:

Get accredited. Register your drone.

For more information, go to:

We recently consulted on proposed charges for other drone regulatory services, we’ve published our response online. Following consultation, we have made some minor amendments to Part 101 Manual of Standards (Miscellaneous Amendments) Instrument. We have also issued a new Direction for drone operators.

Online version available at: https://www.casa.gov.au//drone-registration-and-operator-accreditation-are-now-open
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