DAME newsletter - December 2019

From Simon May, Principal Medical Officer

Christmas is just around the corner for all of us and the team are turning around applications well within service delivery timeframes. This is setting us up for a great start to 2020.

In the new year we are looking to implement a new Office of Aviation Medicine. This is an internal change which will help make us more responsive to client needs through an improved team structure as well as the introduction of an assurance and oversight section.

You will also hear more about a review of Civil Aviation Safety Regulations Part 67 associated guidance material. This will include a review of our policy for colour vision deficiency.

Just a reminder that our Christmas shutdown period is from 25 December 2019 to 1 January 2020. Medical applicants who anticipate needing our services during the holiday period should contact us well before the closure.

All services will resume from Thursday 2 January 2020.

From the team here, we would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New year.

We look forward to working with you in the new year.

DAME map

Please note the DAME map LINK on our website will not be available for the next few weeks. The keyword search is still available. We will keep you posted with updates as they come to hand.

Application submissions

A gentle reminder that applications for medical certificates, once completed by the DAME, should be submitted to CASA within five working days as stated in the DAME handbook - Submission of medical examinations LINK. Please be mindful of the impact the delayed submission of applications could have, especially those waiting to join flight schools or take up a much-awaited employment opportunity.

Problem mapping

When unallocated findings are identified from the applicant summary, DAMEs must map these to the relevant problem using the correct SNOMED description. Please complete the problem mapping before submitting the medical application to AvMed.

If you’d like more information of how to correctly problem map, please read the resources for examiners LINK.

There is also a

List of common terms for SNOMED searches (PDF, 390.99 KB)


Reminder in relation to applicants with an old CAR 5 Flight Crew Licence

With the expiry of transitional arrangements between the old CAR 5 and post 2014 Part 61 licences now over a year old, you may want to remind flight crew licence holders (especially those returning after a long break from flying) that they need to transition their licence to a Part 61 licence before exercising their licence privileges. Holders can transition their licence by using

Recognition and transfer CAR Part 5 qualifications under CASR Part 61 and CASR Part 202 form 61-9TX (PDF, 215.5 KB)


Statistics for November 2019

A total of 2,595 medical certificates were issued during the month of November:

  • DAME issued certificates: 135
  • CASA auto issued certificates: 709
  • CASA assessor issued certificates: 1,668

During the month of November 2019, 89.3 per cent of all applications were completed within 20 business days, with an average processing time of 9 days for all classes.

During the month of November, 2,142 new applications were received by AvMed.

  • Class 1: 1683
  • Class 2: 404
  • Class 3: 55

Contact with AvMed decreased during November with 2,117 inbound calls and 1,755 emails received.

DAME assessors

As of 30 November, there are 214 DAME assessors. This includes previous DAME2 and current DAME assessors. A total of 228 DAMEs have completed the eLearning module.

We encourage DAME assessors to complete the eLearning module to enable you to assess and issue a Class 2 medical certificate on the spot, in most circumstances. You can do this through AviationWorx by logging in myCASA.

So far, 1,981 DAME certificates have been issued since 3 April 2018.

Send us your feedback

If you have any questions or ideas for topics you would like to see covered in future DAME newsletters, please email us at pmo@casa.gov.au or dame.liaison@casa.gov.au.

Online version available at: https://www.casa.gov.au//dame-newsletter-december-2019
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