Part 21 of CASR Certification and airworthiness requirements for aircraft and parts

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Part 21 of the Civil Aviation Regulations (CASR) sets out the certification and airworthiness requirements for aircraft and aircraft parts. It includes rules relating to:

  • type certificates
  • type acceptance certificates
  • supplemental type certificates
  • production certificates
  • certificates of airworthiness
  • export airworthiness approvals.

Part 21 also covers the approval of aircraft engines, propellers, and certain materials and parts. It references the airworthiness certification standards mentioned in Parts 22-35. These include:

  • Part 22 - Sailplanes
  • Part 23 - Small Aeroplanes
  • Part 25 - Transport Category Aeroplanes
  • Part 26 - Primary/Intermediate category aeroplanes
  • Part 27 - Rotorcraft
  • Part 29 - Rotorcraft (Transport Category)
  • Part 31 - Manned free balloons
  • Part 32 - Engines for Very Light Aeroplanes
  • Part 33 - Aircraft Engines
  • Part 35 - Aircraft propellers.

Subpart 21.H

Subpart 21.H covers the certification of a new category of aircraft called Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). This includes aircraft used for aviation sport and recreational activities, such as:

  • ultra- light airplanes
  • gliders
  • balloons
  • powered parachutes
  • weight-shift control aircraft
  • gyroplanes.

Subpart 21.J

Subpart 21.J sets out the rules for certification and operations of approved design organisations (ADOs). The ADOs may carry out certain design and technical data approval functions regulated by Part 21, without further reference to CASA or an authorised person.

Who it affects

Part 21 of CASR affects anyone in the Australian aviation community involved in the design, manufacture and airworthiness certification of aircraft, aeronautical products and parts.

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