Part 138 of CASR Aerial work operations

Rule status


New rules for operators conducting aerial work operations commenced on 2 December 2021.

Part 138 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR) covers the rules for operators conducting aerial work operations. It incorporates the relevant requirements directly in a nationally consistent manner. Operators in this category hold a Part 138 aerial work certificate. 

Aerial work operations apply to external load, dispensing and task specialist aerial work operations. If you conduct other operations, such as passenger transport, you will need to comply with other CASR flight operations Parts.

Transition to new regulations

We have compiled information and resources about transitioning to the new regulations. Visit our flight operations transition section to find out more. 

Who it affects

This rule affects all operators and pilots who conduct aerial work operations.

All operators and pilots also need to comply with Part 91 of CASR General operating and flight rules, noting that Part 138 may add to or turn off some Part 91 requirements – either completely or partially.

Non-legislative instruments

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Guidance material

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