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Project SS 16/03 - Frequency use in Class G airspace

Project closed.

CASA has consulted extensively on the appropriate frequency to use at low-level in Class G airspace.

CASA has amended the AIP, effective on 28 February 2019, to recommend that pilots monitor Area VHF in Class G airspace when not in the vicinity of a published aerodrome or Broadcast Area. We also recognise that there will be occasions where pilots choose other frequencies for operational reasons and, therefore, if operating on another frequency such as MULTICOM (126.7 MHz) the AIP recommends that pilots also monitor Area VHF.

CAAP 166-01 v4.2 has been published with supporting guidance material for the AIP amendments. Additional educational material has been published in the form of a 'Radio Procedures in Non-Controlled Airspace' booklet and the Visual Flight Rules Guide (VFRG) will also be updated.

Date of Publication: 
Friday, March 8, 2019