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Project OS 13/26 - Amendment to CAO 29.11 helicopter winching and Rappelling operations and CAO 29.6 helicopter external load operations

Project closed.

Project OS 13/26 - Amendment to CAO 29.11, Helicopter Winching and Rappelling operations and CAO 29.6, Helicopter External Load operations, commenced October 2013.  The proposed amendments included the incorporation and introduction of risk management and mitigation concepts into the planning and performance of helicopter external load operations (winching, rappelling and sling load operations), both human and non-human. This process included the introduction of a national standard for the carriage of persons as a sling load where none had existed previously.

The proposed Part 138 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 (CASR) includes external load operations and winching operations, and introduces concepts of risk management and mitigation to these operations. At the time project OS 13/26 commenced it was considered that there was a considerable safety benefit in bringing certain policies forward from Part 138 via a CAO amendment until such time as the Operational CASRs were in place. The amendments to the CAOs were consulted via NPRM 1321OS with comments closing on 25 July 2014. CASA received 33 responses in reply to the NPRM.

Noting that the CAO amendments and Part 138 contained the same safety policies, the publication of the NFRM for the CAO amendments was placed on hold when Part 138 was released for public consultation via NPRM on 15 September 2015.

The consultation received on Part 138 has resulted in the policies being updated. This has effectively overtaken and now superseded the policy amendments proposed in the CAOs. Consequently this project has been closed and the proposed policy amendment will be achieved via the proposed Part 138 of CASR.

Date of Publication: 
Friday, April 22, 2016