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Project MS 12/29 - Ageing aircraft management plan

Project closed.

DP 1205CS - Ageing Aircraft Management Plan - to increase awareness and education in relation to ageing aircraft issues was released along with:

  • a formal report to developed by external consultants (Aviation Concepts & Training Pty Ltd) along with 27 Recommendations to CASA for further action
  • an ageing aircraft awareness education seminar campaign around the country over a several year period
  • an e-learning module on the CASA website – since withdrawn due to the obsolescence of its software format (which was cutting edge at the time of introduction)
  • the development of a software tool that allowed aircraft owners to determine the risks associated with operating an ageing aircraft (no longer financially supported by CASA).

The knowledge and understanding of ageing aircraft issues developed during the time of this project (2010 to 2016) continue to inform current CASA decision making in relation to the ongoing Continued Operational Safety of the Australian fleet.

Date of Publication: 
Wednesday, October 2, 2019