Coming soon – changes to aircraft registration marks

Date published: 3 June 2022


Aircraft registration marks in Australia are changing to include a new alphanumeric system but you will need to wait a little longer to reserve a mark.

A photo of the tail of an aircraft, with the registration number VH-2AB

We use the VH Australian Nationality Mark followed by 3 alpha characters. Soon we will be introducing a 3-character alphanumeric combination, for example VH-2AB, VH-A9B, VH-A22.

Introducing a 3-character alphanumeric system will mean the availability of more than 20,000 additional marks. This will give us enough marks for at least another 30 years. This supply maintains the current look of the registration mark and allows for sequential reservations and selective individual marks.

We will publish an update when the new marks are available.

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