CASA looks to the future at the Air Mobility Summit

Date published: 1 September 2021


In an address to Australia’s first Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Summit, CASA CEO Pip Spence outlined work on a regulatory roadmap to give the uncrewed sector direction and understanding of likely regulatory requirements.

"Historically, aviation regulation has been prescriptive… Today we understand the need to have outcome-based regulations and an approach that recognises that regulators don’t have all the answers," Pip Spence said.

"This approach allows the aviation industry to have the flexibility to use the most appropriate systems and procedures to achieve the safety outcomes the community expects that are set out in the rules."

"The fast-growing and changing nature of the uncrewed sector means new safety and regulatory issues will emerge, demanding fresh thinking on behalf of the regulator, operators and individuals."

"I guess what is really being said is that how we regulate safety in the world of advanced air mobility is still evolving and will mature over time."

Read the full transcript of the Advanced air mobility summit speech.

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