CASA approves Western Australia’s biggest ever drone light display

Date published: 7 June 2022


Five hundred drones lit up the night sky along the banks of the Swan River at Burswood Park on Monday night. The display was part of the festivities in honour of WA Day, an annual holiday to celebrate all Western Australians, recognising the diversity of people who choose to call the state home.

Drones flying in the night sky, their lights forming a picture of a swan

This was the first year a drone light display took part in the day, showcasing iconic stories and images of the great state, all set to a WA inspired playlist.

To make the display possible, CASA played a pivotal role in checking the display met regulations.

CASA Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) Team Leader, Ed Morris, said safety is our driving force when assessing drone displays.

‘All the checks we perform as part of the assessment are to make sure safety has been considered at every step and there is an appropriate level of risk planning for the event.’

‘By having these requirements in place, it helps keep both those in the sky and on the ground safe when the 500 drones are in flight.’

For more information about safely flying drones for both commercial and recreational operators, visit the CASA website,

Image courtesy of Ross Swanborough/The West Australian.

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