Better training and assessment for specialised endorsements – comment now


You told us there are practical barriers to the efficient conduct of flight training and entry control testing for specialised pilot endorsements including sling, winch and rappelling and firefighting operations.

We have made progress to provide an alternative approach to better facilitate training and assessment for these specialised endorsements. Consultation is now open on our proposal.

A man rappelling from a helicopter, with both silhouetted against an orange sky, and the brown dirt beneath them

Please go to the Consultation Hub to review an advance copy of the instrument and provide feedback before it is issued.

The proposed instrument aims to address these barriers by:

  • developing entry standards for new pilots to ensure those seeking specialised endorsements are suitably qualified and have the essential basic competencies prior to receiving training
  • creating a more proportional system for specialised endorsements to be granted in practical operations
  • recognising operational expertise to simplify the entry standards for persons delivering training for specialised endorsements
  • expanding the training and assessment activities permitted by operators to reduce time and cost of accessing training
  • outlining requirements for Part 137 and Part 138 operators who elect to conduct the training and facilitate the assessment and grant of these specialised endorsements.

This is your chance to let us know if there’s something you think we’ve missed.

If you would like to comment, visit the Consultation Hub now.

Online version available at:
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