Automated airspace authorisation trial extended

Date published: 16 May 2022

We have extended the trial of digital airspace authorisations around Adelaide, Canberra and Perth airports by a further 6 months.
A white drone being flown by a man standing behind it

It follows a 12 month initial trial where remotely piloted aircraft operator’s certificate (ReOC) holders could apply to fly safely within 5.5 km (3 nm) of a controlled airport.

Operators can lodge an application through a CASA verified drone safety app and get real time approvals. The apps are free to download and its free to apply during the trial – reducing time and money.

In late 2021 and into early 2022, we invited industry to comment on the trial through an open consultation.

We have considered all 446 responses to the consultation and because of the feedback, the trial has been extended for a further 6 months, until November 2022.

In addition to the extension, we will consult with app developers to address the identified enhancements to the trial platform and drone safety apps to improve the service.

Visit our website for more information on the automated airspace authorisation trial and to access the updated instrument.

To view the consultation feedback, visit Consultation Hub.

Online version available at:
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