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Airspace reviews

Australian-administered airspace is reviewed to ensure it is safe and appropriate for those who use it.

We do this by considering:

  • the best interests of Australia
  • the current and future needs of the Australian aviation industry
  • international best practice airspace systems adapted to benefit Australia’s aviation environment
  • advances in technology wherever practicable.

Reviews occur on a five-year cycle, or if triggered by a change proposal or aeronautical study. They can also be triggered when certain airspace criteria thresholds have been reached. These criteria are found in the Australian Airspace Policy Statement

We have completed the following aeronautical studies below. These incorporate industry feedback and OAR recommendations.

Contact the Office of Airspace Regulation to request a copy of an archived report.

Airspace classes

Different rules apply according to Australian airspace classes A, C, D, E and G. This includes information on the applicability of:

  • the Visual Flight Rules
  • the Special Visual Flight Rules
  • the Instrument Flight Rules.

View or print the Australian airspace structure (pdf 74.73 KB) to understand the rules associated with airspace classes.