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Airspace regulation

We manage the regulation of airspace in Australia, which represents 11 percent of the world’s airspace. This is done through the Office of Airspace Regulation (OAR).

The Office of Airspace Regulation (OAR) is responsible for:

  • regulation and review of airspace classifications
  • regulation and review of protective airspace (prohibited, restricted and danger areas)
  • regulation of published air routes
  • assessment of proposals for permanent and temporary airspace changes.

Australian airspace is aligned with international airspace classes and associated air traffic services. Air traffic services in controlled airspace are provided by Airservices Australia and the Department of Defence.

Airspace change process

Proposed changes to the Australian airspace architecture are managed through the airspace change process. This includes emergencies, temporary activities such as military training exercises and air shows, and permanent airspace changes.

Submit an Airspace change proposal form 1284 (pdf 124.79 KB).

Airspace reviews

We review airspace to ensure aircraft operations are safe and airspace architecture is fit-for-purpose. Reviews are triggered by an airspace change proposal or an aeronautical study.

Read our latest airspace reviews.

Reviews open for public comment

Policy and legislation

The Airspace Risk and Safety Management Manual contains information on:

  • policies and processes in performing the functions and exercising the powers for the administration and regulation of Australian-administered airspace
  • airspace risk and safety management processes and methodologies
  • consultation and environmental considerations to ensure airspace is administered and used safely
  • guidance material for airspace change proposals to determine if an ACP is required
  • guidance material on how to complete and submit an ACP

Relevant legislation and regulations on airspace management are covered under Airspace Act 2007 and Airspace Regulations 2007.

The  OAR Strategic work plan (pdf 161.98 KB) details the OAR priorities, processes and strategies over the next five years to ensure that Australian airspace complies with the Airspace Act 2007 and Airspace Regulations 2007.

Contact the Office of Airspace Regulation

For enquiries on airspace reviews, policy and urgent emergency requests, check the contact details for the Office of Airspace Regulation.

Last modified: 20 August 2019