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Fuel rules

The rules covering minimum fuel requirements changed on 8 November 2018.

Who do the rules apply to?

  • Pilots of Australian aircraft
  • Operators of Australian aircraft

Why change the rules?

  • enhance aviation safety
  • remove uncertainty between rules and guidance material
  • better reflect industry views and international standards for fuel requirements.

What are the main changes?

Many pilots and operators are already complying with the new rules as they have been in our guidelines for some time. These changes remove uncertainty by clarifying what you must legally do.

Explaining the rules

We have released guidance material and updated existing documents to help explain how the changes work in practice.

For private pilots operating under visual flight rules (VFR) only visit the fuel requirements and fuel planning pages in the Visual Flight Rules Guide (VFRG).

For more complex operations, CAAP 234-1(2) covers aircraft fuel requirements and includes sample calculations

For operators, CASA has updated the following documents to assist in preparing or amending your operations manual:

View the full rules Civil Aviation (Fuel Requirements) Instrument 2018.

Last modified: 23 June 2019