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Flying drones/remotely piloted aircraft in Australia

Drone registration and accreditation scheme

We’re finalising plans for the scheme. No action is required at this time. Read more about the proposed changes.

The drone safety rules vary depending on whether you are flying commercially or for fun (recreationally). Let us help you understand what you need to know.

How are you planning on flying your drone?

For fun Business or commercial

How much does your drone weigh?

Under 2kg Over 2kg

If you’re flying a small drone, you can operate in what is called the ‘excluded’ category.

The following steps will guide you through the process.

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Step 1: Apply for an Aviation Reference Number. This can take up to five days.

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Step 2: Let us know when you intend to fly by using our online notification form.

This is valid for three years, so you will need to re-notify us every three years, or if your details change.

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Step 3: Download our ‘Can I fly there?' drone app. This will help you know if you can fly in certain locations based on the vicinity of airports, helipads and other restricted airspace.

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Step 4: Operate within the standard operating conditions – these will help you stay safe and have fun.

If you want to fly at night, outside of visual line of sight or outside of any of these conditions, you’ll need to be licensed and certified to operate. Find out how to get licensed.


If you’re flying a large drone, or want to fly outside of the standard operating conditions, you will need to be licensed and certified by CASA.

The following steps will guide you through the process.

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Step 1: Get your remote pilot licence (RePL). You might need to do training depending on your prior aviation knowledge

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Step 2: Once you’ve gained your RePL, you may operate commercially with a RPA operator’s certificate (ReOC), or apply to get your own.

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Step 3: You’re now licenced and certified or flying with a certified operator. Congratulations! The only thing left to do is get a flight authorisation.

Once you have that you’ll be able to fly in accordance with this authorisation.

Find out more about


When flying your drone for fun, there are some simple safety rules to follow.

You don’t need approval to fly your drone for fun.

Learn about the rules and watch our videos

If you want to make money or promote your business, see the information on flying your drone commercially.


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Last modified: 1 July 2019