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Aerodrome safety

The aerodrome unit provides surveillance oversight of certified aerodromes. With a focus upon safe and compliant aerodrome operations a team of aerodrome inspectors, supported by an engineer and aerodrome specialists are available to work with the aviation industry.

Emergency planning

All certified aerodromes must have an aerodrome emergency plan, and test that plan on a regular basis. Guidance information for emergency planning is available in the Advisory Circular AC139C-18V10.

For operational continuity management we also have general advisory material about safety management systems, as well as a downloadable safety management system resource kit.

Standards for aerodrome facilities and operations

The Civil Aviation Safety Regulations Part 139 empowers the Manual of Standards Part 139 (MOS Part 139) that details the facility requirements and operating standards for aerodromes in Australia.

Guidance for unregulated aerodromes

A range of advisory publications have been produced to provide guidance for aerodrome facility operators to address safety issues. The publications are in the form of advisory circulars (ACs) and civil aviation advisory publications (CAAPs)

Last modified: 10 June 2021