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Aviation abbreviations and acronyms


Below are some useful aviation acronyms for general guidance and use in the aviation industry.

Note: this is not a complete list of aviation acronyms.

You are encouraged to check the validity of the acronym from the source (see links below) before using the acronym for official use.

If the acronym you are looking for is not here, you could try the following sources:

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Acronymsort descending Meaning Source
...T Bearing (true) AIS
A Amber ICAO
A/A Air to air AIS
A/G Air-to-ground AIS
AAA Amended meterological message ICAO
AAAA Aerial Application Association of Australia
AAC Airworthiness Advisory Circular CAR 1988
AACC Area approach control centre AIS
AAD Assigned altitude deviation AIS
AAIM Aircraft Autonomous Integrity Monitor
AAIS Automatic aerodrome information service AIS
AAL Above aerodrome level AIS
AAR Authorised Airworthiness Representative CASR Part 183
AAT Administrative Appeals Tribunal
ABAA Amateur Built Aircraft Acceptance CASR Part 21
ABAS Aircraft Based Augmentation System
ABF Australian Ballooning Federation
ABI Advance boundary information AIS
ABN Aerodrome beacon AIS
ABV Above... AIS
AC Advisory Circular CASR 1998
AC Altocumulus (met) ICAO/AIP
ACA Australian Commonwealth Authority
ACARS Aircraft communication addressing and reporting system (pronounced 'AY-CARS') AIS
ACAS Airborne Collision Avoidance System CAR 1988
ACC Area control centre AIS
ACCID Initial notification of an aircraft accident AIS
ACD Airways clearance delivery AIS
ACFT Aircraft AIS
ACJ-XXX Advisory Circular Joint (issued by the JAA, can be followed by a country code) JAA
ACK Acknowledge AIS
ACL Altimeter check location ICAO
ACN Aircraft classification number ICAO
ACN Australian company number
ACPT Accept, accepted AIS
ACROB Acrobatics
Act the Civil Aviation Act 1988
ACT Active, activated, activity AIS
AD Aerodrome ICAO/AIP
AD Airworthiness Directive CASR Part 39
ADA Advisory area ICAO
ADAO Authorised Design Approval Organisation CASR Part 146
ADC Aerodrome chart AIS
ADDGM Aerodrome diagrams AIS
ADDN Addition, additional AIS
ADF Automatic Direction Finding (equipment) AIS
ADF Australian Defence Force
ADIZ Air Defence Identification Zone ICAO/AIS
ADJ Adjacent AIS
ADO Aerodrome office ICAO
ADQ Adequate aerodrome AIS
ADR Advisory route
ADS The address (when this abbreviation is used to request a repetition, the question (IMI) precedes the abbreviation, eg IMI ADS) (to be used in AFS as a procedure signal) ICAO/AIP
ADS Automatic Dependent Surveillance AIP/ICAO
ADS-B Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast AIP
ADS-C Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Contract AIP
ADSU Automatic Dependent Surveillance Unit ICAO
ADZ Advise AIS
AEB CASA's Airworthiness Engineering Branch CASA
AEP Aerodrome emergency plan AIS
AER Authorised Engineering Representative CASR Part 183
AERIS Automatic en route information service AIS
AFAP Australian Federation of Air Pilots
AFCS Automatic flight control system ICAO
AFIL Flight notification: - filed in the air, or - indicating the position at which ATS services will first be required AIS
AFIS Aerodrome flight information service ICAO/AIP
AFM Aircraft Flight Manual CAR 1988
AFM Yes, affirm, affirmative, that is correct AIS
AFRU Aerodrome Frequency Response Unit (also known as a "beepback" unit) AIS
AFS Aeronautical fixed service ICAO/AIP
AFTN Aeronautical fixed telecommunication network ICAO
AFZ Australian fishing zone(s) AIS
Ag Agriculture
AGD Attorney-General's Department
AGL Above Ground Level ICAO/AIP
AH Artificial Horizon
AH After hours AIS
AIC Aeronautical Information Circular AIP
AIDC Air traffic services inter-facitility data communications ICAO
AIP Aeronautical Information Publication ICAO/AIP
AIP ENR Aeronautical Information Publication En-route
AIP ERSA Aeronautical Information Publication En-route Supplement Australia
AIP GEN Aeronautical Information Publication General
AIRAC Aeronautical Information Regulation and Control ICAO/AIP
AIRC Aeronautical Information and Control ICAO
AIRMET Information in plain language concerning weather significant to light aircraft operations at or below 10,000FT AIS
AIS Aeronautical Information Service AIP
AL Approach Lights AIS
ALA Aircraft Landing Area AIP
ALA Alighting area ICAO
ALA/HLS Aircraft Landing Area/Helicopter Landing Site
ALAEA Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association
ALARP As Low as Reasonably Practical AIS
ALERFA Alert phase AIS
ALI Airworthiness Limitation Item