Streamlined applications to conduct flight training


We’ve made it easier for individuals who don’t employ other staff to apply for a Part 141 flight training certificate. 

The back of the head of a flight instructor, with a student pilot sitting next to them in the cockpit of a plane

Our new streamlined application and assessment process makes it easier for individuals to apply to provide non-complex flight training for the issue of recreational, private, commercial pilot licences and certain operational ratings.

The initiative is part of our General Aviation Workplan to make it easier to obtain a Part 141 flight training approval. It is aimed at making it simpler and less expensive to gain approval if you are a single instructor providing non-complex training.

This step is similar in concept to the 'independent flight instructor' path available in the United States but it is not the same. A single-person instructor that wants to provide flight training for licences or ratings must still operate under our Part 141 framework.

To be eligible to apply, a single flight instructor must be authorised under Part 61 of CASR to conduct the flight training they have applied for. This may limit the types of training you can provide, depending on the qualifications you hold.

Applying under our new streamlined path for a Part 141 certificate:

  • is available if you are a single-person operation and don’t employ any other staff
  • requires you to use our sample operations manual and sample syllabi
  • an application fee of $1,560 is payable. This is based on an abbreviated assessment pathway to significantly reduce the cost if the sample operations manual and sample syllabi have been used.
  • a reduced turnaround time if you meet all the criteria.

Remember that training for Design Feature Endorsements and/or Flight Activity Endorsements does not need a Part 141 approval certificate and an individual that holds a Flight Instructor Rating (with the relevant training endorsements) can do this already.

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