Pilots gain access to tailored training and assessment system for mustering endorsement


Pilots can now access a better training and assessment pathway for aerial mustering endorsements.

A pilot with a white helmet flies a helicopter; the Outback can be seen through his cockpit window

This follows feedback from industry that the flight training and testing scheme for aerial mustering endorsements was not working as efficiently as intended.

What this means

Trainee pilots will now have a choice to either access the training, assessment and subsequent on-the-job training and supervision through their employer, or the traditional Part 141 pathway to become qualified for an aerial mustering endorsement.

Part 138 operators can use experienced and competent mustering pilots they employ to conduct training for aerial mustering endorsements in-house. 

Aviation safety will be improved by more rigorous prerequisites, training and supervision requirements.

Further information

Online version available at: https://www.casa.gov.au//about-us/news-media-releases-and-speeches/pilots-gain-access-tailored-training-and-assessment-system-mustering-endorsement
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