Manual of Standards for parachuting activities made


The Part 105 Manual of Standards (MOS) has been made and published on the Federal Register of Legislation. It commences on 2 December 2023. We have also made consequential amendments to the Part 149 MOS to ensure consistency with the Part 105 MOS.

An image of a green-and-blue parachute extending above the parachutist taking the photo

The Part 105 MOS provides much of the technical detail underpinning the rules for parachuting operations.

It applies to individuals and organisations involved in sport and recreational parachuting from aircraft and the operators of those aircraft. The Part 105 MOS will, in conjunction with the Part 91 and Part 105 regulations, specify the operating rules for these aircraft as well as rules for the safe conduct of parachuting activities.

In response to industry input, including advice from the Aviation Safety Advisory Panel and Part 105 MOS Technical Working Group (TWG), we deferred making the Part 105 MOS in 2021. Since then, we have continued to work closely with the Part 105 TWG and parachuting sport aviation bodies to progress the remaining issues and develop the Part 105 MOS.

We will continue to provide support to the Part 149 approved self-administering aviation organisations as they transition to operating under the new rules.

Summary of consultation

We have also published a summary of feedback received on the proposed new Part 105 MOS that was consulted in December 2022 and January 2023. The responses received assisted in the finalisation of the MOS. Read the summary of consultation on the consultation hub.

Online version available at:
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