General aviation workplan update


We’ve updated our general aviation workplan to reflect the status of a number of items completed and underway since the last update.

An aircraft is taking-off

Since March this year, we have:

  • finalised tailored pathways for task specialist pilot endorsements
  • reviewed the requirements to notify CASA of a flight test
  • put in place a simplified and fast-tracked application and assessment process to individual flight instructors
  • finalised the rules for parachuting operations.

Work continues on:

  • establishing the Part 66 modular licence for Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (LAMEs)
  • a new self-declared medical certificate (consultation is due to close on 17 November)
  • finalising a new rule set for ballooning operations that includes a comprehensive plain English guide (an exposure draft of the guide has been released).

We are also considering what new initiatives we may consider as part of our ongoing and future support for general aviation. This includes considering the priority of outstanding initiatives, and reviewing the outcomes of those initiatives we have completed.

Read our general aviation workplan.

Online version available at:
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