Flying near military controlled aerodromes and BVLOS operations


We've recently updated 2 instruments to make it easier to conduct commercial remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) operations.

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Operations near military controlled aerodromes (CASA EX23/23)

In partnership with the Department of Defence, we’re simplifying the process for RPA operator’s certificate (ReOC) holders to fly in the no-fly zone of military controlled aerodromes.

From 30 April 2023, ReOC holders who intend to fly below 400 ft AGL in the no-fly zone of a military controlled aerodrome do not need to apply to CASA, however, they must:

  • add a copy of Instrument 23/23 to their operator’s manual (updated manuals do not need to be sent to CASA)
  • get approval from the military control tower prior to the operation by contacting the tower or military unit where you intend to fly.

ReOC holders who intend to fly above 400 ft AGL or beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) in the no-fly zone of a military controlled aerodrome must:

When flying in the no-fly zone of a military controlled aerodrome, you must issue a NOTAM regardless of the altitude, the NOTAM may be issued by the military control tower. This is a condition of:

  • CASR 101.030
  • Instrument 23/23.

BVLOS operations (CASA EX27/23)

We’re making it easier for more remote pilots to conduct BVLOS operations by implementing changes to the minimum requirements for the conduct of extended visual line of sight (EVLOS) class 2 operations.

Under these changes, EVLOS class 2 remote pilots no longer need to pass the instrument rating exam (IREX) in certain circumstances. However, you must

  • operate under a ReOC
  • get an EVLOS approval
  • have your procedures approved by CASA.

If you are already operating under a ReOC and have a current EVLOS class 2 approval:

  • you can take advantage of these changes now
  • you do not need to provide us with updated practices and procedures – the requirement to hold an IREX is now optional.

Please note, CASA EX27/23 replaces CASA EX46/21.

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