Apply for a new Part 61 licence today


If you hold an Australian flight crew licence issued before 1 September 2014 and want to keep flying, you should apply now for an equivalent Part 61 licence document.

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That’s because from 1 September 2025, all active pilots must possess a Part 61 licence document to legally continue their operations.

You may be eligible for a new Part 61 licence if:

  • you hold an old CAR 5 pilot authorisation issued before 1 September 2014, which includes a licence, rating, or endorsement to an equivalent authorisation (this excludes an approval or authorisation equivalent to an examiner rating)
  • the old CAR 5 authorisation was not surrendered or cancelled before 1 September 2018
  • you apply for your new Part 61 pilot licence before 1 September 2025.

Applying for your new licence is easy. Simply:

  • download and complete forms 61-9TX and 61-9PIC
  • email the completed forms, along with all supporting documents, to the email address detailed in the forms
  • pay the $25 fee online for a printed copy of your licence or provide your credit card details on the 61-9TX form.

Remember: To use your new physical licence, you must hold a valid medical and a valid flight review or proficiency check for the required ratings.

If you have any questions, please direct these through our flight crew licensing enquiries webform.

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