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We’re working hard to improve the licensing regulations. Find out more from the Director in the July edition of the CASA Briefing e-newsletter.

Approved testing officers now have more time before they need to move across to new regulatory requirements.

Changes to improve the fatigue management rules are now finalised. This follows feedback from the aviation community and includes new limits tailored to specific sectors of the aviation industry.

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A two year extension has been provided for the completion of the SIDs program of Cessna 100 series aircraft used in private operations. This follows feedback from the aviation community.

Australian operators and pilots are reminded to check notices regularly about potential safety and security threats to flights before conducting international operations.

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New streamlined processes for Aviation Security Identification Cards (ASICs) and Aviation Identification (AVIDs) are now in place. 

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Register now for our Fatigue workshops - putting the new rules into practice - running across Australia this May to July.

Regulatory requirements for an important sector of the booming remotely piloted aircraft industry are being eased.

It's a busy time in aviation safety regulation and CASA. Keep up-to-date with the CASA Briefing e-newsletter. March edition out now.

Guidance material for Part 141 flying training organisations out now.

CASA’s new online medical records system, MRS has been released and is ready to use.

Register now for our SMS workshops running across regional Australia this April to June.

Learn more about our new updated CNS/ATM resource kit due out in 2016.

March-April 2016 edition out now!

CASA's Melbourne Southern Region office will be relocating to new premises from Monday 15 February 2016.

2016 will be another busy year in aviation safety. Keep up with the latest in the CASA Briefing e-newsletter - January edition out now.  

Learn about the improvements being rolled out and what the changes mean for you.

CASA is amending Civil Aviation Regulation 262AE as it applies to the fitment of TCAS II 7.1 to small aircraft.
There is now more time for the completion of Cessna Supplemental Inspection Documents on two groups of aircraft.  
Out now in time for holiday reading the Flight Safety Australia 2015 Collectors’ edition at CASA online store.    
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How do you rate CASA’s performance? What do you think of the relationship between CASA and the aviation community?

A lot is happening in safety regulation and at CASA. Keep up with the news by subscribing to the CASA Briefing e-newsletter.

Developing or planning a fatigue risk management system but unable to attend the recent forum. For questions or feedback email fatigue.management@casa.gov.au.
A special taskforce is being set up within CASA to address outstanding issues with the new licensing suite of regulations.
Developing or planning a fatigue risk management system - still have questions?
Access to CASA Self Service and other online services are now available after the successful system upgrade. New users can register now for CASA Self Service.