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Have your say on options for lower cost ADS-B equipment for visual flight rules aircraft. Closes 23 February 2018.

Policy endorsed for a number of important aviation issues at 22 November meeting.
CASA has released a proposal for radio frequency procedures at low level in Class G airspace. Have your say.

CASA has announced new dates for the 2018 Flight Examiner Rating Course classroom workshops.

CASA has announced major reforms to the aviation medicals system. Big changes for general aviation.

Don’t miss the chance to have your say on the proposed updated Part 139 rules for aerodromes. Consultation closes 8 December.

Director sets three key issues to be addressed before the close of 2017. Details in the latest CASA Briefing newsletter.

We are proposing to amend CASR Part 61 to include a 105 hour training option for CPL(H).

Instruments and directions for performance-based navigation (CAO 20.91).

We’ve introduced a new SMS notification service for people applying for remote pilot and flight crew licensing authorisations.

The new forms page makes it easier for you to search.

We have updated the Manual of Standards for Part 90: Additional airworthiness requirements

Changes to phraseology, charting and speed restrictions for SIDs and STARs take effect in Australia Thursday 9 November.

We’re asking your views about how we are tracking against our initiatives in a short survey.

We are making some changes to the way we conduct surveillance and how we share information with the aviation community.

CASA’s Director sets out the next steps in regulatory reform in the October CASA Briefing newsletter.

Significant work undertaken to examine the new fatigue rules.

CASA’s 2016-17 annual report is now available.

Have your say on the proposed updated Part 139 rules for aerodromes. Consultation closes 8 December.

New website launched to help you understand the rules

Submissions outlined issues and possible solutions to be considered in a Part 66 post-implementation review.

CASA has established a register of aviation industry experts.

The results of consultation on radio frequency use in low level uncontrolled airspace have been released.

This month’s CASA Briefing explains the updated consultation process with the aviation community.

Deadline for feedback extended.

A proposal to update the Part 139 rules for aerodromes (NPRM 1426AS) is now open for public consultation.

There’s lots going on with remotely piloted aircraft. Find out details in the August CASA Briefing newsletter now.

An important safety briefing for local pilots is being held in Yarrawonga next week.

Read our discussion paper and provide your responses through our consultation hub.

The system will be unavailable from 5:30pm AEST 10 August until midday 14 August.