Keeping Colac pilots safe in bad weather

Flying safely in bad weather is the focus of a special safety seminar for Colac pilots next week.

Rear of plane over river

Colac pilots will learn how to make the right decisions when the weather turns against them.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority is holding the seminar as part of a campaign reduce weather related accidents.

CASA’s Peter Gibson says correct decision making by pilots is crucial.

"Accidents continue to happen when pilots flying visually get into deteriorating weather," Mr Gibson says.

"Local pilots will learn more about how to assess weather before and during flight, how to plan for weather and how to make good decisions."

"All pilots receive training on weather related safety but ongoing education in this vital area is essential."

The Colac aviation safety seminar is being held on Wednesday 31 March 2021 at 6:30pm at the Colac Aero Club.

Bookings are essential to allow COVID-19 requirements to be met.

Book online for Weather to Fly seminar.


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