Help find rogue western Sydney drone

Drone flying against white clouds in a blue sky.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority is asking the public for help finding a large drone reported flying close to an aircraft over western Sydney.

The one metre by one metre size drone was spotted mid-flight by pilots during an approach to land at Sydney airport.

According to reports it was operating in the Granville/North Parramatta area at about 4000 feet on Monday 20 July between two and three o’clock in the afternoon.

The drone was described as blue in colour, about one metre by one metre, possibly a quadcopter type.

On the basis of the credible reports CASA is concerned the drone may be flown again in the area, posing a risk to aircraft operating to Sydney airport and in the area.

The drone safety rules prohibit the flying of drones higher than 120 metres above ground level.

Drones must not be flown in a way that causes a hazard to an aircraft.

Anyone with information about this drone being operated in the Granville/North Paramatta area is asked to contact CASA at:

CASA provides extensive safety information and education on drone operations and encourages all drone operators to test their drone safety knowledge. Drone users should go to Know your drone.

Users should also download a CASA-approved drone safety app to know where it is safe and lawful to operate a drone. Find the drone safety apps and more information at Drones webpage.


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