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Use this form to ask us questions or seek clarification about the rules relating to flight operations (other than sports aviation). This includes questions about submitting your fully updated and integrated expositions/operations manuals by the 2 June deadline.

These rules include:

  • General operating and flight rules (CASR Part 91).
  • Dangerous goods (CASR Part 92).
  • Certification and operating rules for air transport, aerial application and aerial work (CASR Parts 119, 121, 129, 133, 135, 137, 138).
  • Certification and operating rules for manned free balloons and hot air airships (CASR Part 131, CAR 206, CAOs 82.0, 82.7, 95.53 and 95.54).
  • Common rules for commercial operations (CAR Part 14).
  • Flight crew fatigue rules (CAO 48.1).
  • Synthetic training device rules (CASR Part 60 and CAO 45.0).

Use one of our other forms to ask us questions about drones and sport aviation.

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Online version available at: https://www.casa.gov.au//about-us/contact-us/flight-operations-rules-enquiries
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