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What does the Service Charter not cover?

The CASA Service Charter complaints and compliments management system does not cover:

Complaints made by CASA employees

The CASA Service Charter is not intended to respond to complaints made by CASA employees that relate to work, working conditions or conditions of service.

The Public Service Act 1999 gives CASA employees the right to seek a review of actions to be taken in respect of their employment.

These procedures are available on the CASA Intranet and further information is available from the Human Resources Management Branch.

CASA employees may also access the CASA Protected Disclosure Policy. It is essential that CASA maintain an ethical and professional environment that supports CASA’s core values. These values include: integrity and professionalism, respect and courtesy, fairness and consistency, teamwork. Integrity is a fundamental element of employment in CASA. Failure to maintain individual and organisational integrity and to identify and properly address misconduct at all levels will damage CASA’s reputation and effectiveness.

CASA is, therefore, committed to creating an organisational climate in which any person is able, in good faith, to report alleged misconduct.

A protected disclosure policy is an important element in preventing and detecting corrupt, illegal or otherwise undesirable conduct within CASA. Such a policy is a necessary ingredient in achieving good corporate governance. CASA believes that an effective protected disclosure policy will result in a healthier and safer work environment, more effective management, improved morale and enhanced fiscal management of CASA.

This policy complements, and must be considered in conjunction with, other CASA policies supporting appropriate business and employee behaviour. A copy of the policy is available to CASA staff on the CASA intranet.

Complaints about other agencies or organisations

These matters should be referred to the appropriate organisation, Department or Agency. If CASA receives a complaint or compliment best responded to by another organisation, Department or Agency, they will be referred, although initial data will be recorded on the CASA Complaints and Compliments database to determine how often people mistake CASA for another Government agency.

Any referral made by CASA to an Aviation Operator, Department or Agency will be subject to the agreement of the complainant.

Allegations of criminal conduct against CASA officers

Complaints alleging criminal conduct against a CASA officer should be referred to the Deputy Chief Executive Officer in the first instance. The Deputy Chief Executive Officer may then refer the complaint to General Counsel, Office of Legal Counsel for investigation.

CASA’s decisions where a review or appeal mechanism already exists

Many decisions CASA makes are subject to review or appeal by the Administrative Decisions (Judicial Review) Act 1997 or the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. The CASA Service Charter does not replace these existing mechanisms.