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Our standards of service

As an organisation, CASA is committed to the provision of professional and consistent standards of service.

We will treat your dealings with us:

  • in confidence
  • act in a helpful and professional manner
  • provide timely, accurate and useful responses
  • tell you before commencing work if there is a fee for the services you have requested, provide an estimate of the overall fee and how long it may take,
  • provide accurate advice; and
  • if we are unable to assist, do our best to refer you to the most appropriate agency.

The standards of service response time do not apply in situations involving statutory powers or discretionary decision-making. This includes the following situations:

  • the consideration of applications for aviation documents, eg. Type Certificates or Air Operator’s Certificates
  • suspension and revocation of aviation authorisations
  • the consideration of applications for exemptions from regulatory requirements; and
  • enforcement of the provisions and regulations of acts for which CASA is responsible.

When developing policy we will:

  • consult widely to make sure that your views are properly considered, and
  • provide reasonable time for you to comment on our policy proposals.

CASA has formal mechanisms for consultation on policy development through the Aviation Safety Forum and the Standards Consultative Committee. Information on the functions of the Aviation Safety Forum and the Standards Consultative Committee is available on the CASA website at www.casa.gov.au

When reviewing any regulation for which we are responsible, we will

  • undertake the process in a transparent and consultative manner with those most likely to be affected;
  • consult widely to ensure that the legislation is less complex, more relevant and harmonised with international standards wherever possible;
  • seek to achieve legislation that imposes the least impediment to an efficient and safe aviation community; and
  • continue to review legislation to ensure its relevance.

CASA has formal mechanisms for consultation on regulation review through Discussion Papers and Notices of Proposed Rule Making. These documents are provided on the Consultation documents open for comment page or hard copy versions can be obtained by contacting the CASA Regulatory Development Management Branch.

In providing written information we will:

  • produce materials which are informative, easy to understand, timely and accurate, and which are easily accessible in a variety of mediums.

When we visit your premises, facilities or aircraft we will:

  • tell you why we are there
  • wear readily recognisable identification; and
  • provide follow up information.

During telephone communications with you, we will:

  • identify ourselves by name
  • answer the phone promptly and courteously
  • if unable to assist, arrange for a more qualified staff member to ring you back within two days.

If you write to us, we will:

  • provide a written response to you as soon as practicable, but within 14 days of receipt, or
  • in the event that this time limit cannot be achieved, we will send you an interim reply explaining why and telling you when we will provide you with a full reply.

Keeping costs to a minimum

We will regularly review the allocation and use of CASA resources to obtain maximum safety impact and effectiveness. Requests for services will be handled in the most efficient and effective manner and in line with our priorities. The cost of our products will be kept to a minimum and details of individual products will continue to be provided on the CASA web site.