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Compliments and suggestions

We encourage you to provide us with compliments and suggestions on our services and products so we can identify what we are doing well and how we can improve our services and products in other areas.

There are many instances where we are complimented on the services we provide. These occasions highlight where we have met or exceeded the expectations of our clients.

Compliments provide a very clear indication of what clients value about CASA and the work we do. Information about the compliments that we receive often goes unrecognised because, unlike complaints, compliments require little action on our part.

Recording information about the compliments that we receive serves four purposes. It:

  • indicates which aspects of our service clients value;
  • helps CASA to build a balanced picture of how our service impacts on our clients;
  • gives CASA the chance to share and reinforce among managers and staff examples of good practice in client service; and
  • helps to build morale and provide due recognition for a job well done.

The complaints and compliments database records details about compliments. Comments from clients are acknowledged and information about compliments and notable examples of good client service are included in reports and our internal communication mechanisms.

When CASA receives a compliment, we will:

  • record the details of the compliment;
  • contact the client and thank them for their comments; and
  • send a minute to the officer/s involved, through senior management, acknowledging the officer/s efforts for a job well done.