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CPL examination

The CPL examination (for both Aeroplane and Helicopter) is a 7 subject-part examination, that is delivered by PEXO.

Some subject-part examinations will be common for both Aeroplanes and Helicopters.

A candidate may attempt any of the 7 subjects, in any order of his/her preference. All subjects must be passed within a window, (or time period, see Re-training periods and windows). Candidates are responsible to ensure that they satisfy any pre-requisite qualification/s and will be required to present to the invigilator proof of meeting these requirements.

Pass marks

The pass marks for the CPL exams are 70%, except for the Flight Rules and Air Law exam where it is 80%.


The various aeronautical knowledge syllabi for the CPL exams remain unchanged. However, instructors and students are reminded that every item in the respective syllabus is examinable. There is no change to the flying component for each syllabus.

Re-grouping of Flight Rules & Air Law syllabus items

While the CPL exam still tests the same (current) respective syllabus, there will be some re-grouping of syllabus items for the CLWA and CLWH exams. This involves combining various subsections of the syllabus relating to rules and procedures into Flight Rules and Air Law, and will be tested as a separate exam subject.

For important information on the regrouping and other relevant matters, read CLWA & CLWH exams.

Requirement for a full CPL pass credit

To be awarded a full CPL exam credit, the candidate shall pass the 7 subject-parts of the CPL examination within a three-year period, beginning from the first attempt, successful or otherwise. The candidate is advised to only attempt a CPL subject exam when he/she is fully prepared, as the time for this three year-period will be counted from the first attempt. If a candidate does not pass all seven subject-parts within the permitted time, he/she will be required to start anew again.

No carry-over of incomplete exams

There is no 'carry-over' of any previous versions of the CPL exam as a partial 'credit' for the CyberExams version, as the previous versions were structurally different.

CPL exam structure (aeroplane & helicopter)

The CPL for both Aeroplane and Helicopter will be presented as a 7 subject-part exam, with 3 subject-parts common to both aircraft category (Navigation, Meteorology and Human Factors). The subject-parts unique to aircraft category are Flight Rules & Air Law, Aerodynamics, Aircraft General Knowledge and Operation, Performance & Flight Planning.

Details of these subject-parts and pass marks are as follows:

Subject Time + marks total Pass Mark
Navigation 1hr 45mins+ (40 marks total*) Pass 70%
Meteorology 1hr 30mins+ (40 marks total*) Pass 70%
Human Factors 1hr 15mins+ (40 marks total*) Pass 70%
FR & Air Law* 2hrs+ (40 marks total*) Pass 80%
Aerodynamics* 1hr 30mins+ (40 marks total*) Pass 70%
AGK* 1hr 30mins+ (40 marks total*) Pass 70%
Op, Performance & Flight Planning* 2hr 30mins+ (50 marks total*) Pass 70%

+ where necessary, times indicated here may be slightly modified
x marks may be slightly adjusted; number of questions will be determined by the marks allocated to the individual question in an exam session

CPL exam codes

The following are the CPL exam codes and their corresponding subject-parts:

CNAV - CPL Navigation (common to Aeroplane & Helicopter)
CMET - CPL Meteorology (common to Aeroplane & Helicopter)
CHUF - CPL Human Factors (common to Aeroplane & Helicopter)
CLWA - CPL Flight Rules & Air Law (Aeroplane)
CLWH - CPL Flight Rules & Air Law (Helicopter)
CADA - CPL Aerodynamics (Aeroplane)
CADH - CPL Aerodynamics (Helicopter)
CSYA - CPL Aircraft General Knowledge (Aeroplane)
CSYH - CPL Aircraft General Knowledge (Helicopter)
CFPA - CPL Operation, Performance & Flight Planning (Aeroplane)
CFPH - CPL Operation, Performance & Flight Planning (Helicopter)