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Medical certification

The Aviation Medicine Branch of CASA is where applications for medical certification of pilots or Air Traffic Controllers (ATC) are assessed.

In order for a pilot or ATC to exercise the privileges of their license, they must hold a current medical certificate.

Each application is considered by medical officers in this section who are specialists in the field of Aviation Medicine. These doctors assess how medical conditions and their treatments affect the safety of air navigation (CASR Part 67). In some cases monitoring of a condition, or restrictions on pilot/ controller activities, are needed to ensure aviation safety. This is an assessment of risk, not an assessment of whether treatment is needed. The difference is important and is why CASA may need specific information about a condition.

The information below is provided to help you answer any questions you may have about aviation medical certification. Please read it before contacting the Aviation Medical Branch.

Aviation Medicine Branch

Do I need a Medical Certificate?

Medical information for Pilots & Controllers

Conditions of use of a Medical Certificate

Review of Medical Certification Decisions

Compliments and Complaints

How to become a DAME

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