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CASA Self Service Portal

The CASA Self Service Portal is a quick and effective way you can update your personal details and view any licence and/or registration details we hold for you. To use this system, you need to already be in our CASA system as Aircrew, Engineers, Aviation Companies or Subscribers to our specialist publications.

Self Service Portal Brochure


There are changes to the information you can access through this portal.

Access to licence detail information and exam information has temporarily ceased through this portal with the introduction of CASA's new licencing system. You can still update your personal information, view medical information, view your ame examination results and the status of your applications for Flight Crew Licensing and Maintenance Personnel Licensing.

A new web portal is currently under development and will be implemented in the near future. This portal will provide the ability for ARN holders to:

  • View and update personal data
  • View flight examination results for FCL & MPL (Practical Flight Tests)
  • View licence details for FCL and MPL (Including Category, Rating and Issue Date)
  • View the status of a medical

In the interim, you can contact CLARC via email or by phone 1300 737 032 Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm AEDST

Flight Crew Licensing - To obtain an exam pre-requisite report or the copy of the individual exam result, please download and complete CASA Form 059. If you have a technical exam question, please email

Maintenance Personnel Licensing - To obtain an exam pre-requisite report or Confirmation Report please download and complete CASA Form 830.

Account Set Up

You must first set up your account with CASA to begin using the Self Service Portal. This is a two stage process. Firstly you must Sign Up. After you have signed up you will receive a password from CASA which you must Register.

First time users

Step 1Sign up
Step 2Register your password

Using the CASA Self Service Portal

To use the CASA Self Service Portal, you need to have finalised your account set up. Once this is complete you can log in to the portal to view and update your aviation data.

Services in the CASA Self Service Portal

In our first stage of the portal release you are able to view more than 20 pieces of your aviation data. These include:

  • Your personal details including name, date of birth, and nationality
  • Your personal contact details including residential and postal addresses, contact phone numbers, and email addresses
  • Details about all your licences
  • Exam details
  • Aircraft details
  • Major modifications
  • Medical details
  • Reserved VH mark details
  • Aerodrome details
  • Subscription details.

In addition to viewing your aviation data, you are able to instantly update some of your details. These include:

  • Updating your contact details
  • Add new aircraft engines
  • Add new aircraft propellers
  • Add new major modifications
  • Update subscription details.

Not only does this give you the flexibility to access and provide information to CASA when and where it suits you, it's also quick and easy to use.

Service Availability Times

The CASA Self Service portal is closed at the following times for scheduled system maintenance:
2:00am - 4.00am (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about using the CASA Self Service Portal.

Security and privacy

How to protect your security and privacy while using the Self Service Portal.

Contact the CASA Self Service Portal Team

For all technical support contact the Self Service Portal Team