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Data files
20 October 2014

Aircraft Register Data Files 2014

acrftreg.csv approximately 7.6MB comma-delimited text file approximately 1 Mb zip compressed version of the text file

Aircraft Register Data File - End of Year 2013

acrftreg_2013.csv approximately 7.6MB comma-delimited text file approximately 1 Mb zip compressed version of the text file

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Data format change

Note: From 12 May 2010 a new field, ICAO Type Designator, has been added after the Serial Number field.
From 15 May 2006 two new fields have been added to the end of each record in the Aircraft register data file - Suspension status and Suspension date. This may affect those people who use the data file in their own systems. See the field descriptions page for more details

Data integrity

If you consider that any of the information contained in the data files or reports may be incorrect, please forward an email to the Australian Civil Aircraft Register supplying the correct information.

Registration Holder (RH) and Registered Operator (RO) start dates

The date shown for the Registration Holder and the Registered Operator is the date of effect of a change of ownership or appointment of a registered operator.  The date shown in the Change of Registration Holder or Registered Operator Update Report under the 'Date' column, is the 'Registration Start Date' which is when CASA issued new registration certificates showing the changed details.


Aircraft maximum take-off weight

Aircraft maximum take-off weights displayed in the Australian Civil Aircraft Register are those applicable to new aircraft when first flown and may not reflect that currently approved for a particular aircraft. The weights displayed in the Register are not meant to be an accurate current weight for a particular aircraft but are displayed for certain internal CASA purposes and to meet treaty obligations. Airspace and aerodrome operators cannot rely upon these weights to assist their billing or other revenue processes and should make their own enquiries to satisfy themselves as to the correctness of the maximum take-off weight of aircraft. Parties who rely upon the weights in the Register for billing or other similar purposes do so at their own risk. CASA accepts no responsibility for billing disputes between parties due to maximum take-off weight issues.

ICAO Type Designators

CASA accepts no responsibility for errors regarding the published Designators. Visit the ICAO website for the correct ICAO Type Designator for an aircraft. Please contact the Aircraft Register if you discover any discrepancies between the ICAO Type Designator information on the ICAO website and the one on the Data Files.