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Inspection requirements for R44 helicopters

27 February 2015

The inspection requirements for R44 helicopters fitted with dash 7 blades have been relaxed. More flexibility for operators.

R44 grounding lifted

24 February 2015

CASA has lifted the grounding of R44 helicopters fitted with dash 7 main rotor blades. Inspections now mandated.

Director leads just culture approach

24 February 2015

CASA's Director commits to a just culture approach to safety regulation. Find out more in the latest CASA Briefing newsletter.

CASA updates OnTrack for fixed- and rotary-wing pilots

16 January 2015

Just some of the new OnTrack features include VTC information interactively overlaid on Google maps™, airspace infringement hotspots, runway hotspots, printable flight notes and is now accessible on mobile devices.

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